best apps for college students

Best apps for college students, College students today need to be able to go from managing assignments and exams, studying for tests and quizzes, to managing their social life. of course, College can be a chaotic time in your life. You need to do well in your classes, participate in extracurricular activities, and maintain a social life. That’s why it’s so important to have the best apps for college students that can simplify their life, take some of the stress away, and make school more enjoyable. While there are unending needs that could always arise,  the following apps will help you manage your day-to-day college life!

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best apps for college students
best apps for college students

What is the best college app? There are a lot of apps that can be used for studying and organization. Some are free, while others are paid. However, there are a few apps that I recommend you must have with you.

In this article, we would share some of the amazing apps and websites that can help you with:

  • Learning: apps/websites for studying
  • Research apps for college students
  • Apps for data collection in research
  • Career apps for college students
  • Dictionary for better research papers
  • Apps for a healthier campus life
  • conclusion

Coursera is a great app for anyone who really wants to take their education to the next level. The app contains a huge selection of courses from universities all over the world. Courses vary in length, starting from a few weeks up to a couple of years. You have access to videos and lectures, homework assignments, deadlines, and more.

best apps for college students

2.khan Academy

Khan Academy’s free educational services are available to everyone. It has over 10 million registered users and its library spans over 3,000 videos. It teaches math, science, computer programming, history, and more for students of all ages. Khan Academy is best known for its online instructional videos, where users can learn from famous professors and professionals. But, it has been adding other types of videos including live streams, TED talks, webinars, and documentaries. Khan Academy offers more than two dozen 5-day free trials.

Best apps for college students
khan academy

3. edX

Edx offers courses from top universities like Harvard, MIT, and Berkeley. It has a wide variety of courses to suit your needs – such as engineering, business, law, and computer science. You can also pick from different course formats like 8-week intensive seminars or 7-week mini-courses

best apps for college students

4. Duolingo

Duolingo is an interactive language learning platform that uses flashcards to help you learn English, French, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Italian, Russian, Chinese, Japanese or Korean – but if you are looking for something particular then there are many other options. If you have an iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad and want to learn a language. try the free i-Lingo App which has over 80 languages and 30,000 flashcards.

best Best apps for college students

5. iTunes U

The iTunes U app is a free app that offers college and university courses from UC Berkeley, Duke University, and more. It’s not only for students; anyone can use this app to learn new skills and increase their knowledge. iTunes U is an excellent way to learn new things on the go, and it has something for everyone: whether you’re interested in photography or drawing, French or physics. You’ll find that iTunes U provides a wealth of quality educational content.

best apps for college students

6. Future learn

Future Learn is a free, online learning platform. There are over 1,200 courses to choose from and they’re all delivered by top universities and organisations like NASA and The Open University. Future Learn lets you study at your own pace with interactive content and personalised support from tutors. And if you need help with anything, their student support team is always available to answer your questions.

best apps for college students
future learn

7. Code Academy

Code Academy is a free website that teaches you how to code in a short amount of time. It does this by walking you through the basics of computer programming as well as teaching you how to build your own projects. You can choose from 4 different tracks: web development, data science, game development, and computer science. To get a free account you’ll need to sign up for an email address that you check regularly and are able to receive email. The course will be sent to you as a series of emails. Each one builds on the last. You will start with the basics like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Then you will learn about more advanced programming languages like Python and Java. You’ll also learn about how to design and build your own projects with Blend and Visual Studio Code. Once you’ve got the basics down, you’ll be ready to learn about Windows 10 development, object-oriented programming ( OOP), C#, and more.

best apps for college students
code academy

8. Udemy

Udemy is an online learning platform with over 60,000 courses on a wide variety of topics. Think of it as Netflix for online courses. It’s not just for lifelong learners, either – you can also find courses geared towards specific careers or industries. Unlike most sites that offer free content, Udemy has both free and paid content.  I have been a subscriber to their account for over a year now, and it’s still one of my favourite sites to use. The courses are great! They’re always updated and they have such a variety of subjects to choose from.  If you’re looking for a new career, Udemy is a great place to start – and an awesome place to learn.

best apps for college students

9. Open Learn

College students face many challenges, from homework to balancing a social life. For those who want to keep up with the latest technology, there are a plethora of apps out there that can make their lives easier. One such app is OpenLearn. This service connects to your university’s learning platform and allows you to search for lectures and courses online. It also offers a library of online learning activities that relate to your degree, as well as a course planner that will help you stay organized. There is also a personal tutor service in case you want to make sure you do the homework or simply ask questions that can’t be answered from just reading.

best apps for college students
Open Learn


10. Sololearn

Sololearn is an app that helps you build your coding skills. By playing touch-based games, you can learn all of the different aspects of coding, from debugging to algorithms. The app provides challenges that are appropriate for anyone, regardless of age or skill level.

best apps for college students

Research apps for college students

While there are tons of research apps available, it can be difficult to find the best ones. As a college student can you use your phone all day long? Probably not. Plus, who wants to spend a ton of money on apps that may not be effective? Luckily, these research-based apps are some of the best apps for college students looking for information in their day-to-day lives.

11. Wikipedia

Wikipedia is a user-generated encyclopedia, and it’s one of the best sources for academic research. It was built and is maintained by an army of volunteer editors, and its open-source format has allowed it to grow into the largest general knowledge project in human history. The site is available in 287 languages, has more than 79 million articles, and has nearly 14 billion edits. It’s updated constantly, and its content is highly trusted by academics.

12. cliff notes

Cliff Notes is a reading tool that provides a summary of the work. It’s an amazing resource for college students who have to read large amounts of content and prefer not to read everything from start to finish. The app gives an overview of the work before you even open it. The cliff notes are created using small passages, that are then put together to create a great summary of the work. You can easily read the cliff notes before you even open the book. Cliff notes is a great way to get the gist of a book and not be overwhelmed when reading it.

13. Ted

The TED app is a mobile application that provides videos from the popular TED Talk series. The app makes it easy for college students to find their favourite talks, share them with friends, and even watch them offline. The app was created by the TED Conferences for a more engaging learning experience.

14. RefMe

Need a citation but are too lazy to input it? RefME is a great online service that will generate an accurate citation automatically. It detects the enabling device’s location and language, checks for books in the catalogue of more than 500 universities and searchable databases. The equivalent of 15 million citations has been generated thanks to this ingenious invention.

15. Evernote

Evernote is one of the most widely used apps among college students and faculty members. Students use Evernote to take notes, jot down ideas, write essays, store pictures and videos, and collaborate on projects with friends. Faculty members use Evernote to organize their course materials, share files, and enhance their teaching strategies by saving lecture notes in a digital format for easy access.

16. Study blue

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StudyBlue is an online platform that offers free study guides and academic help to students and teachers. It provides students with a place to access assignments and notes from the courses they are taking.

17. Dragon dictation

Dragon dictation is a tool to help students improve their writing skills. It allows students to create sentences by dictating them into the microphone of your phone and then it converts them into text. With this app, you can write anywhere, anytime instead of only during class hours. It also has features like word recognition and spell-checks. Dragon is not only a dictation tool, but it also has a writing composition page.

18. Goconqr

Goconqr is an app for college students that helps them get organized and stay on track with their school work and life. Goconqr uses a wide range of features to allow the user to be productive and not have to sacrifice time while they are busy with other things.

19. Office lens

The best office lens app is a free app that many students use in order to take pictures of what they need and make sure it’s clear enough. The app is also very helpful in taking pictures of assignments, posters, whiteboards, and more. Another great feature that makes this app the best office lens app is that it has an option to digitally sign documents with a stylus.

20. My homework student planner

My Homework Student Planner is a comprehensive plan that includes home, school and extracurricular activities. The planner also includes a self-assessment section for the student to track their progress. The planner is designed to help the student organize and manage their time. The planner allows for a variety of ways for the student to record information. The planner also has a space to write down journaling, notes and ideas.

21. Simplemind

Simplemind is a mind-mapping tool that helps you plan your day, find important information, and keep track of what you’ve done. It comes with features such as tagging, notes, reminders and more.

The app keeps all of your information in order and lets you be more productive and efficient. This app was created for college students, but it works well for anyone who needs a way to organize their upcoming schedule. For example, you can use the app to keep your next class schedule and see what you have going on or if you need to schedule a certain time for an activity.

22. Google drive

Google Drive is a cloud storage service that provides users with unlimited online storage. Google Drive allows users to upload, view, edit and share documents, presentations, spreadsheets and more. With Google Drive, students are able to access all of their files from any computer or mobile device.

Apps for data collection in research

Apps can help college students do their research in the most efficient way possible. They also provide a convenient form of data collection. Some popular apps include Team scope, magpi, and open data kit. There are so many apps out there for college students to use. I personally use a few of these apps to help me with my research and personal projects.  Check these ones out

23. Teamscope

Team scope is an app that helps students to coordinate, assign and grade homework. It also allows students to manage their projects and overall grades in the app. Students can discuss grades, share documents and assignments, track grades, and more with each other within the app.

24. Magpi

With Magpi, there is no need for code to generate mobile data collection apps for Android devices. Using their drag and drop elements and their pre-packaged templates, we can automatically generate, refresh, and reframe applications without typing a line of code.

25. Open data kit

There are lots of apps that are designed to help college students. One great app is the Open Data Kit. It is a free, open-source suite of tools that can be used to gather and submit data without Internet service. This software is much more environmentally friendly than other methods because it allows you to reuse data which you’ve gathered into reports and present this data online.

26. KoBoCollect

With KoBo Toolbox, you can collect data in the field with mobile devices or paper. The tool is free and open-source; it’s compatible with mobile devices and paper and assists numerous fields such as public health and development assistance.

27. REDcap

REDCap is a powerful cloud-based data collection application that offers features and functionality for data collection, analysis, and presentation.
REDCap was designed with the idea of collaboration in mind, so it not only has an intuitive interface for people to use but it also seamlessly ties in with other applications (like Google Drive) so that you don’t have to be limited by the features of one application. It also allows users to integrate their own apps into their REDCap apps and can scale up or down as needed.

28. Jotforms mobile app

The wide-ranging capabilities of Jotform Mobile Forms are on the rise. The app enables you to continue collecting data on the go and store forms offline. You can also preload forms with labels on your Mac, PC, or even on the web browser before deploying them to preloaded within Jotform Mobile Forms.

29. surveyCTO

SurveyCTO is a very good survey platform that lets you collect high-quality data even when you are offline, you can do this using mobile phones, tablets, or computers. In addition to being easy to use and accurate as well as fast, SurveyCTO’s Preview feature provides instant keyword search and analytics so you can instantly tell if your surveys are worth your time.

30. Commcare

The CommCare Platform was designed for low-resource settings, where the mobile applications offer standard compliance data collection, reporting and quality improvement features. Cases can be followed to confirm receipt of service, detect frontloading cases early, trigger counseling reminders and get help recording incidents that delayed the case.

31. GoSpotCheck

GoSpotCheck is a mobile and web application that provides data to teams, from any location. Missions can be set up around specific locations and then receive information from the field in real-time. This structured data is then easy to share with other teams for accuracy and cohesion.

32. QuickTapSurvey

QuickTapSurvey is the best app for college students that can quickly create surveys and get accurate responses in minutes. It is the only survey app that enables you to collect data anywhere, without an Internet connection. It is good in taking feedback, researching, or capturing leads in highly interactive environments, not just wifi spots. What makes QuickTapSurvey stand out from the rest is that they have a team of support superheroes ready to help with whatever you need to take your data collection job from mediocre to fantastic.

33. Repsly

Repsly is a retail execution software that helps companies drive creativity and growth. It empowers CPG teams to maximize performance in the retail execution space to deliver optimal profits. The software takes into account data from different factors including manager experience, store layout, and actions taken within the field. It then provides insights necessary for decision making, to help accelerate CPG projects, engage customers at retail outlet locations, synchronize events between location types for relevant offers to customers- which typically include big data tools to analyze customer behaviour patterns, region information of stores being managed Jetcubes

34. Forms on fire

Forms On Fire is an application for mobile forms that supports the dispatch of inspections, audits, safety reports, orders, and many other tasks. It uses sophisticated scanning technology to convert the images captured by the device’s camera to transcribed data.

35. Dub interviewer

Dub InterViewer is a data survey application that connects users to a centralized platform for customer attitude and market research. It provides solutions for both fieldwork companies as well as marketing research companies. The mobile app is a tool for conducting data surveys, allowing users to provide offline or fast-paced feedback from one centralized place.

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Career apps for college students

There are tons of apps out there that can help you through college. These are the apps that you might want to consider downloading to make life easier for you in college.

36. Stepping blocks

You can use Steppingblocks to collect, verify and secure high-quality, ethically sourced education and workforce information. The data pages are being refreshed quarterly which helps in maintaining the most accurate records possible in the easiest and quickest way for users

37. Grammarly

Grammarly is an app that helps students prepare for their exams and assignments by checking their grammar, spelling, and style. It improves the readability of a student’s work by helping them avoid mistakes which can be found as easily as tapping on any word. There are many different versions of the Grammarly app available, from a free version to one that offers premium features.

38. Brainscape

Brainscape offers an efficient web and mobile platform for students to study and efficiently use flashcards. When creating a flashcard, users can attach items from memory, select from pre-uploaded knowledge wings, or import from other educational platforms.

39. flashcard machine

Flashcard Machine uses online flashcards created for a multitude of purposes to study so users can continue wherever they go. Flashcards are created using interactive web-based technology that enables everyone to enjoy studying. The cool app can be downloaded by iOS and Android users

Dictionary for better research papers

It is important to use the correct terminology when researching for a paper, especially in college. Most people use the dictionary for quick definitions and words that are new to them. However, if you’re looking for a stronger research paper or just a way to improve your vocabulary, then the free online dictionary can be of service. You can look up almost any word and it will give you some helpful information on where to find more information on that word’s definition, pronunciation, and history.

40. Oxford dictionary

Oxford Dictionary is a handy tool for students because it allows you to look up words as you are speaking. It also has audio pronunciations for many English and Spanish words. Oxford dictionaries have been around for quite some time and have been the go-to dictionary for students and professionals alike. The Oxford Dictionary of English is considered to be the foremost dictionary of its kind in the world. It’s an incredibly comprehensive resource that includes idioms, uncommon words, accents, foreign terms, linguistic nuances, and so much more

41. Merriam webmaster

Merriam-Webster is one of the most popular sources for word definitions and other information. When using Merriam, it’s important to use their search engine, which will automatically find all meanings or words related to your term, then provide you with a list of links to articles on the topic. Merriam webmaster is a great tool for students to learn about keywords and optimize their content for search engines. It also has a variety of tips and tricks that are helpful for students to get the most out of their website!

42. is a well-known resource that provides definitions, translations, synonyms and antonyms of words in many languages. It’s a great first stop for any student who wants to get their head around difficult vocabulary words or to find the definition of an onomatopoeia.

Apps for a healthier campus life

some apps are specifically designed to help you stay healthy and fit. There are even apps that can keep track of your food intake so that you know how to balance your diet. These apps not only make it easier for students to stay on track, but they also save a lot of time and energy in the long run by omitting the need for meal planning.

43. My fitness apps

I keep my health in check by logging my walks, cycles, and runs with a pedometer. I also track how many calories I’m eating each day, so I make sure not to go over the total number of calories that I need. This app has also proven useful for making food choices as well as weight-loss goals. The best apps for college students include those that can help them study, keep track of their grades, and find places to eat. They also need apps for fitness that can help them stay on track with their workouts. The best apps are ones that are simple and customizable. I love to use my fitness apps during college. I have a few that are perfect for my needs and some that I’ve created my own programs with.

44. Couch to 5k

Couch to 5k is an app that can help you track your progress in the form of a running or walking workout. It encourages you to work out every day, and it also compiles all your data and gives you a report on how much distance you’ve covered, your average speed, etc. You can also compare yourself to other people with the same fitness level. Couch to 5K is a popular app that helps you run for the first time. The app provides step-by-step walking and running guides and tracks your progress to keep you motivated. There are over 15,000 reviews from happy users. Those who find it too hard to start running may want to try the “coach” feature where the app will tell you when it thinks you should stop running and walk instead.

45. First aid by American red cross

The American Red Cross First Aid App is a very nice tool with information to help you in case of emergencies, anywhere at any time. This lifesaving app is free for anyone to download, providing simple first aid procedures for life-threatening situations when it’s needed most. It provides a variety of first aid supplies that can be used to assist in any emergency situation.

46. Headspace Meditation app

Headspace is an app that provides a range of video meditations, daily routines and mindfulness exercises to help students manage stress and anxiety. Headspace helps users develop a routine and brings them into a state of mind where they can focus on their thoughts, feelings and emotions. For students struggling with anxiety, this app is a great place to begin your journey towards being more productive and proactive.

47. Asana rebel yoga fitness app

Asana Rebel Yoga and fitness app is one of the best apps for college students. The app uses a simple interface and allows users to quickly create personal workout routines. This app also provides the user with health tips, diet plans, and personal goals that they can manage without any help from their professors or fellow students. It is a good app for college students that have the desire to keep track of their fitness routines. The best part of this app is that it is absolutely free, and it offers all the features of professional grade gym equipment.

48. pocket yoga

Pocket yoga is an app that you can use to practice yoga in the convenience of your pocket. This app comes with hundreds of poses and is designed to be easy to follow. This app helps students and professionals stay mindful throughout the day and help them maintain their health without hassle.

49. Simple

You may think that spending hours on end practicing your healthy eating habits is the way to go, but with Simple Fasting and Meal Tracker App it only takes minutes to set up, has personalized insights about your health, and can make your daily fasting routine better. The simple fasting and meal tracking app allows you to track your eating habits throughout periods of isolation. Simple provides educational educational content about dieting, as well as reminders to keep yourself mindful of what you’re eating.

Finance apps for college students

50. Mint

Mint is one of the best budgeting apps out there. It lets you set a budget, track your spending and account for income and savings. This is the app to use if you’re already in the habit of managing your money well. While this app is an awesome way to get started on budgeting, If you’re just starting out on your first budget, Mint is a great place to start. You get an attractive, easy to understand dashboard, that quickly shows you all your accounts and spending. You can even connect a bank account directly to Mint, so all of your budgets sync up beautifully. If you don’t have time to do it manually, this is an app that will automatically email you your bank statement within seconds of the transaction. You can also set up alerts to make it super easy to know when you have bills, and when you have extra cash in your bank account.

51. Acorns

Acorns apps are a great way to manage your finances while in college. One of the best features is the ability to invest your money. Acorns can help you find investing opportunities and automatically move money from checking accounts into safer investments such as stocks, bonds and ETFs. The other good features include: paying down credit card debt, splitting bills with friends, setting savings goals, and getting a personalized financial dashboard for each student.

52. pocket guard

Meet Pocketguard Budgeting App, a precise number with which consumers as well students can project how much money they have left over after their expenses and bills. This app is great for those with a precise view into their yearly income and think that careful planning early on will save them during hard months. The PocketGuard Budgeting app helps users hold onto more money each month with the help of a holistic view into expenses and follow-ups on recommendations. PocketGuard is made to provide consumers with an accurate hold on their cash flow

53. Scholly app

This is an amazing app students can use to make  money and also discover more scholarship opportunities. Scholly Search matches high school, college, and graduate school students with personalized scholarships. This tool uses an adaptive matching engine to find the best scholarships for its users. Sign up, refer a friend and make money

54. cash app

The Cash app is a quick and easy way to bring your finances into order. The cash app is compatible with the iPhone and Android devices and helps you transfer money and as well receive money

55. Venmo

Venmo allows you to make a payment and request a payment from a friend, all with a few quick clicks on your smartphone. Venmo is a social app that makes it easier than ever to pay your friends who owe you money without cash.

56. safety on college campus app

With the increase in student crimes and campus safety issues, apps are now used to find a safe route to school or a way to make it back home. Apps such as Safetie will identify your location using GPS and notify friends or family if you’re in trouble. 3. Be Smart About Sharing Personal Information

57. Smartwatcher

Smartwatcher is an app designed to make you safer with your smartwatch. It connects with your Apple Watch or Android Wear device and will activate in the “power mode” if you are being attacked.

58. SplitWise

Splitwise is an app that can help to make your group expenses simpler. The application assists in the process of splitting the price of a common bill while minimizing the number of transactions.

59. Wally: Smart Personal Finance app

Wally is a free and interactive personal finance app. As you track your income and expenses, you can better understand where all your money goes and why. Wally helps users take control of their money and set and achieve their financial goals.

60. Personal capital

Personal Capital is a free budgeting app and investment tool. What makes it so different from most other apps is that it links with all of your bank accounts, credit cards, mortgages and loans to ensure complete accuracy in your budgeting and investment tracking. All of this access for free!

61. Every dollar

With EveryDollar, find stress-free budgeting with personalized categories, templates, and graphs. Clients include College students, individuals and families from all over the globe citing the app as a life-changing financial planner.

62. Albert

The albert app can help you to save money and reach your goals in a way never before seen in the financial world. The app aggregates all your personal bank accounts into one place, optimizes your monthly bills, gives you guidance for investing your money, and helps develop a personalized financial plan with the end goal of shortening the steepest slope on the savings curve.

63. Dollarbird

Dollarbird app uses a calendar format to track expenses and categorize them by necessities, home, and travel. When creating a new expense, you enter how much you will spend out of what we call your “budget” — this is based on your monthly/yearly income.

64. Goodbudget

The traditional envelope system is the backbone to most monthly expense accounts for consumers, but most tracking applications rely on monthly or annual payment subscriptions. Goodbudget, through careful modifications of the envelope plan, has found a way to make this type of application feasible with zero recurring charges. This banking app provides budgeting that is reliable without the unnecessary fee structure that usually accompanies apps like these.

65. Chip

The chip money saving app allows saving “without affecting your usual day-to-day spending habits.” Chip provides saving solutions through the use of Open Banking and AI to calculate a comfortable amount without altering day-to-day activities. The app, which takes just seconds to set up, uses sophisticated AI to analyse your spending and save money towards you goals – such as holidays, gadgets or gift-giving.

66. Notesgen

Notesgen is a unique platform that allows Users to upload, purchase, sale, sharing and distribution typed or handwritten digital content via Notesgen’s Platform and the App. students can as well make money through this awsome app.


The apps mentioned above are some of the best apps for college students. They are simple to use and will make your life more convenient. The great thing about these apps is that they can be used for school and outside of school too. These apps will help you with everything from staying on top of quizzes and assignments to finding the right place to study.


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