Central South University csc

Apply Now! Central South University csc Scholarship 2022-2023(fully-funded)

Central South University csc
Central South University csc

The Central South University csc has scholarships available for undergraduate, masters and PhD students around the globe. Both full and partial scholarship full scholarship will cover tuition, on-campus accommodation, medical insurance fees, and monthly stipend to help with living expenses during your studies at the university. Partial scholarship: will cover tuition, on-campus accommodation and medical insurance fees. Each scholarship has different requirements, so read through them carefully before deciding which one you’ll apply for.

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In pursuit of moral education and cultivating high-quality talent, CSU has continued to hone its training model. It has more than 55,000 full-time students, of which more than 34,000 are undergraduates, over 20,000 are graduate students, and a good percentage of them are from the overseas. the prestigious university situated in china has been rated by the Chinese Government as a 57th-tier university, with 8 national excellent courses, 8 national teaching teams, and 8 national experimental teaching demonstration centers.

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CSU is an open university with long-standing ties to more than 200 universities and research institutes in over 30 countries and regions, including the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, Japan, France, Germany, and Russia. The international students attending our university hail from more than 100 countries and regions.

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Central South University csc Scholarship Summary

  • program: Undergraduate, Masters, PhD
  • Host university : Central South University (CSU)
  • Host country: China
  • Program duration: Bachelor: 4-5 years, Master: 3 years, Doctorate: 4 years
  • Deadline: June 15, 2022

Benefits of Central South University csc scholarship

This fully funded and partial Central South University Scholarship will provide the following to the recipients

  • For Full scholarship
    • Coverage of tuition
    • on-campus accommodation
    • Medical insurance fees
    • Monthly stipend.
  • Partial scholarship:
    • Coverage of tuition,
    • on-campus accommodation
    • And medical insurance fees

How to Apply for Central South University csc Scholarship?

Kindly follow these instructions to apply for Central South University Scholarship

(1) Head over to the university website to create an account on by filling the application. Click here

(2) Submit following required application materials to the university

Photocopy of the passport (Over one-year availability)

  • Photocopy of Physical Examination Record .pdf. Applicants should strictly be examined in accordance with the requirement of Physical Examination Record for Foreigner. An incomplete form is regarded as invalid. The examination date shall be after December 1, 2021.
  • Photocopy of Highest graduation certificate or notarized Chinese/English-translated certificate. If the applicant is currently a student, the pre-graduation certificate issued by the school is required.
  • Stamped Transcript of the highest diploma or notarized Chinese/English-translated transcript.
  • Non-criminal record or Chinese/English-translated document with an official stamp. The issue date shall be after December 1, 2021.
  • HSK Transcript for Chinese-taught programs and IELTS\TOEFL for English-taught programs, or other documents to prove your linguistic competence.
  • Two different recommendation letters from professors/associate professors with detailed contacts. The signature date shall be after December 1, 2021. (only for graduate applicants)
  • Study Plan of no less than 800 words. Please clarify your research background, method, content, and significance, etc. (only for graduate applicants)
  • Published essays or any other supporting materials, e.g. Acceptance Letter Format .doc(only for graduate applicants)

(3) The School of International Education will have an initial review for the applicant’s identity, language ability, physical and mental conditions, etc. When the applicants pass the initial review, pay the application fee of RMB 500 on the unified payment platform of CSU according to the email (WeChat, Alipay, and Union Pay are available);

Please complete the application fee payment within two weeks, otherwise, the application cannot continue. If you fail to pass the initial review, NO NEED to pay the application fee.

(4) Academic Review: Relevant schools will conduct an academic review for applicants to comprehensively examine their academic background, scientific research ability, or innovation potential.

(5) Result Release: Based on the application and review situation, the final admission result will be released via admission email. THE FINAL FINANCIAL SUPPORT IS SUBJECT TO THE ADMISSION EMAIL RECEIVED! 

Besides, the admission notice and visa application form will be sent accordingly. Application status will be informed in the CSU China International Student Service System. Please check the Application System inbox and your email on time.

(6) Annual Review: All scholarship students shall have the scholarship annual review based on academic and daily performance during the previous academic year, and students will continue to enjoy the scholarship after passing the review. Otherwise, the scholarship will suspend.

official Website

To apply and For more information about Central South University csc scholarship, please visit official website below

Click here to apply

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