Ghent university scholarship

Ghent University scholarship

Ghent University scholarship is a fully-funded doctoral scholarship in Belgium. It is one of the many Universities that offer students an opportunity to study abroad. Fully-funded scholarship opportunities are made available every year for international students. Students gain experience working in a diverse community, which allows them to gain vital experience that most other universities around the world don’t offer. The prestigious University is also interested in assisting other universities and research centres in developing countries to set themselves up as an excellent research centre by upgrading local academic personnel.

Ghent university scholarship

Ghent University is offering a 24 month PhD scholarship to outstanding PhD students from Southern countries wishing to conduct 50% of their PhD study at Ghent and 50% in a selected Southern country. Potential PhD students can now experience the world and make an impact on different fields.

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An overview of the program

As a sandwich scholar at Ghent University, you have the chance to complete your PhD in Belgium for 24 months (within the span of 48months). Within the 24-month study duration of the scholarship, candidates will be required to spend a minimum of 2 months in Ghent at the beginning of the study program and at the end of the program (one month each)

During the period when the scholars are working at Ghent University, a monthly allowance will be provided to the scholarship holders. The remainder of the PhD. The research will take place at a partner university in the south that is partnered with Ghent University, where no financial support will be given.

The Ghent university scholarship research program provides intellectual, practical and financial support to students enabling them to explore the depths of their abilities by challenging themselves to think out of the box. Ghent University ranks as one of the top schools in Europe due to its dedication to research and outstanding achievement since the school inception.

Ghent University is committed to helping students realize their full potential, so they offer a fully funded doctoral scholarship in Europe. The awardees will acquire more skills and knowledge which encourages collaborative practices, electing to work with the Ministry of Education (South Korea) and the Organization of Belgium and the Netherlands. The fully-funded doctoral program is accredited by these bodies: the Ministry of Education (Korea) and the Organization of Belgium and the Netherlands. 

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Brief summary of Ghent university scholarship 2022

Country of host

  • Belgium

The university hosting

  • Ghent University


  • Doctoral program

Duration of program

  • 24 months

Ghent university scholarship program 2022 benefits

  • 310 euros monthly tuition fee will be given to the scholarship promoter.
  • Travelling costs and operational costs which amounts to 8000 euro will be awarded to Ghent university promoter, local promoters, and students.

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Criteria for selection

  • All the candidates applying must come from developing countries.
  • Candidate must submit a joint proposal, south university and Ghent university promoter
  • The focus of the research topics should be on development.
  • Applicants who wish to apply for a joint PhD are encouraged to apply
  • Applicants who are Female students will be given special preference for the scholarship

Procedure for application for Ghent university doctoral program scholarship?

  • Application mode is online
  • Information such as name, address, country, date of birth and marital status should be provided in detail
  • All the required fields must be completed for all the levels
  • Then finally, carefully complete your application
  • Note: the forms for application should be forwarded to  through email.

Documents required for Ghent university scholarship program 2022

  • A letter from the applicant’s supervisor supporting the candidate’s application.
  • A letter of advice by the applicant’s supervisor  on the biosafety context and ethics of the proposed research project

Application deadline for Ghent doctoral scholarship 2022

The application deadline for the Doctoral Scholarship Program which would take place in Belgium is February 01, 2022.


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