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LPI summer internship program in USA,2022-fully funded

About LPI summer internship program in the USA,2022

LPI stands for Lunar planetary institute. It is a fully-funded summer internship program in Houston, Texas. Applications are open for undergraduate students with at least 50 semester hours of credit.

Apparently, the fully funded LPI summer internship program is one of the best fully funded internship programs for undergraduate students. The program will last for 10weeks. During the program, students will be engaged with lectures, career development, social activities, workshops as well as deep research.

LPI summer internship program in USA,2022-fully funded
LPI summer internship program in the USA,2022-fully funded

Asides from exposing the students to insights on career development, social activities, workshops and deep research, the program will provide these undergraduate students with other opportunities such as the opportunity to learn from renowned planetary scientists, the opportunity to perform cutting edges, the opportunity to meet with other international students, network and experience peer-reviewed research.

LPI is situated close to NASA Johnson Space Centre, southeast Houston, Texas. For deep research in Lunar, LPI provides leadership in the scientific community. It also provides planetary and solar system sciences as well as linkages with related terrestrial programs. LPI invites students in the following fields: engineering, computer science or mathematics and natural science.

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Key points to note about the fully funded LPI summer internship

  • Program duration: 10 weeks
  • The Program start date is August 12, 2022
  • Selected candidates will be notified in March 2022
  • The program is for undergraduate students

Benefits of LPI summer internships 2022

  • Participants will get to work with renowned professionals.
  • They will get to experience a new environment
  • Selected candidates will gain valuable experience in the area of research
  • They will be equipped with new skills

Those candidates who will be awarded this scholarship will be given 7300 for the following under listed expenses?

  • Housing allowance
  • Living allowance
  • Travel allowance (additional $500 USD may be given to international applicants for internship stipends)
  • $1000USD will be provided for financial support to domestic travellers while international travellers will be provided with $ This financial support will be given to selected students.

Eligibility criteria for LPI summer internships 2022?

  • Candidates will submit a letter of intent describing their background, career goals and interests
  • LPI summer internship provides 50 hours of work, selected candidates must be willing to work for these hours respectfully.
  • Eligible students can apply but computer science or engineering students are strongly encouraged to apply.
  • International students must submit TOEFL or IELTS. Candidates who can obtain an English proficiency letter and an English professor from his university are exempted. The letter shows that the student is actually proficient in English.

Process of application for LPI summer internship program 2022?

  • To apply for the fully funded LPI summer internship program, here is the step by step guide to apply:
  • Prospective candidates will apply using the online application form. Candidates should note that paper application is not accepted.
  • Questions are to be completed including easy-style questions by candidates once he/she begins the application
  • Recommendation letters and academic transcripts must be received by the organizers of the program on or before 13 December 2022. These documents may be submitted separately.
  • Confirmation of email will be sent to candidates upon submission of application. Attached to the email is a link that would enable the candidates to view the status of their reference letters
  • To qualify for the program, three letters of recommendation are to be submitted by candidates
  • The address to forward the official transcript is LPI summer intern, ‘the program application number’. #3600 Bay Area Boulevard, Houston, TX 77058-1113
  • International students will require to provide proof of English proficiency. Either IELTS, TOEFL or letter from a professor in the English department of applicants’ university showing that the applicant is proficient in English.
  • Candidates should endeavour to include the application number to the address they will give to their university’s Registrar.

Criteria for selection for LPI internship program in USA, 2022

This will be based on the following points:

  • Applicants scientific interest as well as her career objectives
  • selection for the program is based on experience
  • candidates with research skills are encouraged to apply

Announcement of result

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Successful candidates will be communicated via email in march 2022.

Applicants will be given 2 working days to respond to the email.

Failure to do so within 2 working days will not be considered for the program.

Application deadline for LPI summer internship program in the USA

The application deadline for LPI summer internships 2022 is December 13 2021


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