Queen Elizabeth Commonwealth Scholarships

(fully funded)Queen Elizabeth Commonwealth Scholarships (QECS) 2022-23

Queen Elizabeth Commonwealth Scholarships
Queen Elizabeth Commonwealth Scholarships

The Queen Elizabeth Commonwealth Scholarships (QECS) offers a unique opportunity to study for a two-year Master’s degree in a low or middle-income Commonwealth country. It is open to students from around the world.

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The scholarship program was launched by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. It offers a unique opportunity for outstanding individuals from low- or middle-income countries, who are serious about making a difference in their home country and beyond, to pursue a world-class graduate education.

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QECS is a full scholarship and covers expenses such as tuition, airfare, living costs, arrival allowance and research grant allowance. This way you can concentrate on studying without worrying about funding or paying off loans.

The fully funded scholarship will be providing the scholarships recipients with the opportunity to travel overseas, learn about new cultures, and develop relationships/Networks that will last them a lifetime. These scholars will study in top universities in one of these African countries: Fiji, Papua, New Guinea, South Africa, and Sri Guinea

The aim of this scholarship is to help create opportunity for mobility for students, enabling them to travel and study in another country for two years and getting a well-rounded education in different areas. The scholarships will provide funds for full-time graduate level studies at a selected university and access to training sessions for jobs in development.

Queen Elizabeth Commonwealth Scholarships 2022-23

Study duration:

  • 2 years


  • masters

Host country

  • Fiji, Papua, New Guinea, South Africa, and Sri Guinea

Host universities

  • University of the South Pacific
  • Papua New Guinea University of Technology
  • North-West University
  • Rhodes University
  • Stellenbosch University
  • University of Johannesburg
  • University of Pretoria (UP)
  • University of Venda
  • University of Colombo
  • University of Sri Jayewardenepura

Field of study

1)University of the South Pacific

Available courses:

  • MA Applied Linguistics
  • MA Development Studies
  • MA Diplomacy & International Affairs
  • MA Environmental Management
  • MA Geography
  • MA Governance
  • MA History
  • MA Journalism
  • MA Linguistics
  • MA Literature
  • MA Major in Education
  • MA Marine Management
  • MA Mathematics
  • MA Pacific Studies
  • MA Politics/ International Affairs
  • MA Psychology
  • MA Social Policy
  • MA Sociology
  • Master of Agriculture (by thesis)
  • Master of Commerce in Accounting (by thesis)
  • Master of Commerce in Economics
  • Master of Commerce in Official Statistics
  • Master of Commerce in Population Studies & Demography
  • Master of Commerce in Professional Accounting
  • Master of Education
  • Master of Environmental Law
  • Master of Law
  • MSc Biology
  • MSc Chemistry
  • MSc Computing Science
  • MSc Earth Science
  • MSc Engineering
  • MSc Environmental Science
  • MSc Geospatial Science
  • MSc Information Systems
  • MSc Marine Science
  • MSc Mathematics
  • MSc Physics

2)Papua New Guinea University of Technology

Available courses:

  • MSc Agriculture
  • MSc Applied Physics
  • MTech Exploration Geophysics
  • MEng Civil Engineering
  • MEng Mechanical Engineering
  • Master of Engineering in Communication Engineering
  • MCS Master of Communication Studies

3)North-West University

Available courses:

  • MA Positive Psychology
  • Master of Consumer Sciences
  • Master of Health Sciences in Cardiovascular Physiology
  • Master of Health Sciences in Clinical Psychology
  • Master of Health Sciences in Counselling Psychology
  • Master of Health Sciences in Health Professions Education
  • Master of Health Sciences in Human Movement Sciences
  • Master of Health Sciences in Occupational Hygiene
  • Master of Health Sciences in Psychology
  • Master of Health Sciences in Recreation Science
  • Master of Health Sciences in Research Psychology
  • Master of Health Sciences in Transdisciplinary Health Promotion
  • Master of Nursing Science
  • Master of Social Work
  • Master of Social Work in Child Protection
  • Master of Social Work in Forensic Practice
  • MPharm Pharmacy Practice
  • MSc Dietetics
  • MSc Nutrition
  • MSc Pharmaceutical Chemistry
  • MSc Pharmaceutical Sciences
  • MSc Pharmaceutics
  • MSc Pharmacology

4)Rhodes University

Available courses:

  • MSc Science
  • MA Humanities
  • MCOM Commerce
  • LLM Law
  • MPharm Pharmacy
  • Masters Education

5)Stellenbosch University

Available courses:

  • MEng Process Engineering
  • MPhil Peadiatrics
  • MPhil Infectious Diseases

6)University of Johannesburg

Courses available in the following departments:

  • Health and Life Sciences
  • Physical Sciences
  • Engineering and Mathematics Accountancy and Finance
  • Social sciences
  • Arts and Humanities

7)University of Pretoria (UP)

Available courses

  • Master Research courses and not coursework.

8)University of Venda

Courses available in the following departments:

  • Health sciences
  • Management, Commerce and Law
  • Humanities, Social Science and Education
  • Science, Engineering and Agriculture

9)University of Colombo

Available courses:

  • MSc Molecular Life Sciences
  • MSc Cellular and Molecular Immunology

10)University of Sri Jayewardenepura

Available courses:

  • Master of Business Administration

Benefits of Queen Elizabeth Commonwealth Scholarships 2022-23

What does a QECS cover?

Award recipients receive:

  • Fully-funded tuition fees
  • Living expenses allowance (stipend) for duration of award
  • Return economy flights to their host country
  • An arrival allowance
  • Research support grant – on request only; subject to approval

Eligibility criteria of Queen Elizabeth Commonwealth Scholarships 2022-23

  • There is no upper age limit to be eligible for a QECS Award
  • candidate must be a citizen of one of the common wealth countries
  • for more information, kindly check the FAQ

How to apply for Queen Elizabeth Commonwealth Scholarships 2022-23?

  • We recommend you look at the available courses and prerequisite course requirements before you submit your application – check out the FAQs or application guideline for more info too.
  • For existing MyACU account holders, you can access the grant application form here.
  • If you have not yet registered for a MyACU account, please first visit the registration website to set up your account, and then follow the instructions in the email you receive to log in and use the application form.
  • Documents like certificates, transcripts, CV and personal statement are required

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Application deadline

The application deadline for the Queen Elizabeth Commonwealth Scholarships 2022-23 is

May 24 2022


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