Top 5 tips for writing personal statement with example

Top 5 tips for writing personal statement with example

The personal statement can also be referred to as a statement of purpose. This document is one of the most vital documents needed for scholarships, grants, internships, international programs, exchange programs and more.

The personal statement is like the summary of your Curriculum Vitae, It consists of your introduction, biography,  educational background, achievements, your reason for applying, how the program is going to benefit you, benefit the university and host country, what you intend to do after your program and more. Some universities do request for 500 words max, while some do request for more, it all depends on the university scholarship providers. Students are advised to check the program requirements before applying for a program/scholarship.

Top 5 tips for writing personal statement with example
Top 5 tips for writing personal statement with example


Step by step guide on how to write a personal statement ǀ statement of purpose

These are a few tips on how to write a good personal statement. Remember scholarships are highly competitive, you got to stand out and write like a pro! Yes, sound like a professional you are, be confident, and write from the position of strength, do not sound desperate or helpless, nobody wants a beggar. Remember they want outstanding students who are leaders and not followers.

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  1. First off, write a brief introduction highlighting what ignited your passion for choosing to study your course. Just a short intro, do not rush this, take your time, think before writing. Besides, a good personal statement or statement of purpose takes time to write, it may not be ready in a day or two. Always remember to start your school application a few months before the application portal opens.
  2. Educational background and achievements- in this section, highlight your educational background, achievements, awards and honours if any, your experiences, your CGPA. In fact, this section is your selling point. USE IT!
  3. Write how the scholarship will benefit you, the university and the host country. Also, write how the scholarship/program will help you achieve your goals and position you in the global space after graduation.
  4. Write what you intend to do after the program, Highlight a particular program, the effect on the global space or your home country and how you would like to be part of solving that problem after graduation. If the program or scholarship requires you to return to your home country, do not forget to write it.
  5. Look for a scholar awarded that scholarship and request for an essay review before your final submission.

Attached herewith is a sample from a paste scholar

                               Personal statement

What ignited my passion for accounting was when I started my first job straight out of High School as a Bookkeeper in a Photo Lab due to financial constraints to further my education to the University. I was able to keep all the business transactions from the knowledge and skill I acquired from relevant subjects I learned from high school. During this process, I discovered that Accounting cuts across every facet of life. I became motivated to further my studies in Accounting. In pursuit of my goal, I enrolled for a Bachelor’s Degree Program in Accountancy at the prestigious *name of your university* where I emerged among the top 1% of my graduating class. With this academic achievement and other numerous recognitions and cash awards won. And with several years of work experience majorly in *……….*, I have the needed academic competence and experience to excel in a demanding academic environment.

However, a particular area in Accounting called Forensic Accounting interests me the most. I got to know about Forensic Accounting and Fraud Examination when I attended a workshop organized by the Institution of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria titled “The use of Forensic Accounting skills to detect fraud in Nigeria Civil Service”. During this workshop, I understood the effect of fraud and corruption in civil service. Unfortunately, according to Transparency International index 2019.  Nigeria is rated amongst the highly corrupt countries in the world due to the rising occurrences of financial crimes in all sectors of the economy. There is a need to apply forensic investigative skills to save Nigeria economy from recession. Hence the motivation to seek further knowledge in this regard. To proffer solutions to this ravaging problem as identified above, I am currently conducting research on Forensic Accounting and Fraud Examination in Civil Service with Nigerian Universities as a case in point.

Besides my academic highs, I have in the past demonstrated pristine leadership qualities. To mention but a few, I served as a Member of the Students Union government during my undergraduate program. I, alongside a team of youth leaders, kick-started and nurtured a movement tagged ‘The Nigerian Youths against Coronavirus (YAC) during the heat of the pandemic in Nigeria aimed at aiding Nigerian Youths to contribute their quota in fighting coronavirus. I have volunteered to work with numerous NGOs such as:*………………………..* etc most of which I had organized alongside my peers mainly for teens education and underprivileged communities.

*Name of university applying to* is ranked top in *….* and *……..* and leading as one of the best schools of business and the only school of business with………. accreditations in *…………* according to Financial Times. An MSc degree in Accounting from this well-seasoned University will equip me with the necessary skills needed for my career.

At…… I also stand to benefit from the facilities which include; libraries with fully equipped IT facilities, well-furnished classrooms, conducive learning environment, etc. With highly qualified human resource personnel available, I will surely satisfy my curiosity as far as my hunt for knowledge is concerned.

Upon completion of my Master’s degree program. I plan to subsequently study for and gain a PhD with which I will better be armed to contribute my quota as an independent Forensic Accountant Researcher. I also wish to impact the future generation through lecturing in the university in my home country.”

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