University of Idaho scholarship 2022 - USA

University of Idaho scholarship is a scholarship program offered to international students by the above-mentioned university. It is offering a wide range of scholarships to students around the world, from undergraduate to graduate, international and law school students. It is a public research university with nine colleges and schools.

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They offer more than 70 undergraduate majors and over 80 master’s degrees. International Students interested in studying at the UI can take advantage of many scholarships available to them through the institution. These include the Undergraduate Scholarship, graduate scholarships, scholarships for international students and law students.

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The University of Idaho has the resources to innovate, engage in public service, and transform all aspects of student life. The university’s commitment to quality, research, sustainability and global leadership gives students an edge for success. As the state’s land-grant research university, the University of Idaho learns about its students and seeks to continue delivering focused excellence as it strives as a community of deans and senior administrative professionals, faculty, staff and students.

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Studying at the University of Idaho, USA is unlike any other school. UIdaho instils leadership and independence with its cooperative education format. International students can take advantage of the leading academic programs and outstanding athletic programs, as well as co-op opportunities. Completing your studies at the University of Idaho provides you with a great opportunity to choose from possible career paths and research projects, as well as to get hands-on experience. Any student with a Bachelor’s degree or higher will be considered for scholarships, including the University of Idaho President’s Scholarship.

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Besides academics, the prestigious university strives for excellence in diversity and inclusion. they view the knowledge of their students as invaluable as they come from diverse backgrounds like culture, genders as well as themselves as more than one minority. Their students’ body is diverse in cultural backgrounds, genders and sexualities.

The University of Idaho takes education to the next level by having students discover new knowledge, solve novel problems, and prepare for the future. The University promotes excellence in research, scholarship, and creative activity with a duty to its local Idaho population.

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University of Idaho scholarship 2022 – USA

Leading the way in providing education, research and outreach for Idaho people, U of I became Idaho’s land-grant university. Their goal is to keep enhancing their offerings while providing value to students, especially international students from diverse cultural backgrounds more.

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One of the main visions of The University of Idaho is to provide undergraduate and graduate education for any qualified student, including internationals. As a public research institute, the University of Idaho provides a unique educational experience. The university is well equipped to develop problem solvers, lifelong learners who are cross-sectioned by the ethnic, socioeconomic, and demographic aspects of Idaho. One of the programs that support this objective is the UAF Jazz ICS program where students are able to connect their traditional major coursework to the study of music performance.

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In order to be considered for the University of Idaho Scholarships program, you can: Apply to the University of Idaho. A complete application is required at Your application must be completed and submitted by April 15, 2022. Application forms are available online at hips/. Complete the scholarship application form. Submit two letters of recommendation. One signed letter must be from a teacher supporting your current academic program and one signed letter must be from a community member who has taken the time to provide an evaluation of your character and work habits. Academic performance, hobbies, community service, goals and work habits are evaluated. Each letter must be typed, one page in size, signed and include the name of the recommender. , goals and work habits are evaluated.

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Benefits  of University of Idaho scholarship 2022

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what type of financial aid do students receive at the University of Idaho?

The scholarship benefits vary according to the student’s academic performance.

Let’s begin with undergraduate students. Note that the scholarship is renewable if the student maintains a cumulative GPA of 2.5

For undergraduate:

  • Candidates with a GPA of 00-3.39 from high school will receive 2000 dollars per year
  • Applicants with a GPA of  4-3.74 from high school will be awarded 5000 dollars per year
  • Candidates from high school with a CGPA of 75-3.89 will receive the sum of 8000 dollars per year
  • While candidates who made up to 9-4.0 CGPA in secondary school will be given 8000 dollars per year.

For graduates, law students and international students

  • There are numerous scholarships available for applicants interested in this category, kindly check the university website for more information.

Field of study for all programs

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This link takes you directly to the list of all the courses offered at the University of Idaho USA

Click here to see all the courses offered in this institution 

Eligibility criteria for selection for university of Idaho scholarship 2022

For undergraduates

In other to be eligible for the scholarship program, the under listed conditions applies

  • The candidate must be a freshman(first-year international student) applying for admission to the University of Idaho, USA.
  • The undergraduate candidate must have finished/graduated from high school by the time of application
  • The school he/she graduated from must be a school located outside the united states of America
  • The applicants are expected to write an essay containing 500-1000 words
  • They are to submit a five minutes video explaining why they should be selected for the scholarship program

For graduates

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  • Candidates applying  for masters must have obtained a bachelor’s degree
  • While candidates applying for a PhD program must have obtained a master’s degree.
  • Candidates applying for master and PhD scholarship  programs must be international students

How to apply for the University of Idaho scholarship 2022

For undergraduate candidates

  • A separate application is not required for a scholarship, candidates who must have applied for admission are automatically considered for the scholarship if they are qualified.
  • The mode of application is online. Apply for fall 2022 on or before April 15 2022
  • You are to submit a one-page #youarewelcomehere application online.
  • This can be done by filling this form HERE
  • The filled form should be emailed to on or before April 15 2022

For gradutes candidates

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They are expected to apply for teaching assistantship or research assistantship directly to the various departments

For more information, kindly CLICK HERE

University of Idaho scholarship application deadline 2022

The application deadline for the scholarship program is April 15 2022

Click here to apply



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