Internship in Japan-NIG summer internship 2022|fully funded

Internship in Japan-NIG summer internship 2022|fully funded

NIG offers Internship Programs for International Students in Japan. Internship applications for the NIG Summer Internship Program 2022 in Japan are now open to international students from all over the world. The ‘NIG internship program in Japan’ is a chance to explore Tokyo and other Hokkaido sites, as well as workplaces from many different industries including Casio Company Ltd., Purolead Co., LTD., Daiwa Work Trends North America, and so much more.

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The NIG Summer Program, being offered in Japan for undergraduate and postgraduate students, offers a fully-funded opportunity for research in relevant fields of genetics and life science.

In addition, students will have the chance to conduct independent research under the mentorship of highly-ranked faculty members. It’s a good opportunity for international students to work at one of the most prestigious international institutes in Japan.

It is also an opportunity to explore the magic of Japan by applying to one of the many internship opportunities available. With programs ranging from Undergraduates to Graduates

A Summer Internship in Japan at NIG allows you to jump-start your dream career while improving yourself. It provides you with connections and mentor relationships while giving you opportunities, support, and growth.

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Benefits of NIG summer internship 2022 in Japan

Few reasons why you should apply NOW:

  • All the expenses are fully funded by the government of Japan
  • No Application Fee  
  • No IELTS required
  • The program will commence on June 16 2022 to July 27 2022
  • Undergraduates and Postgraduates students are eligible

Financial Bnefits of the program

  • As mentioned above, all the expenses will be taken care of by the government of japan.
  • These expenses includes:
  • Round plane tickets
  • Cost of transportation from the airport in Japan and NIG.
  • Free accommodation
  • Travel insurance for the duration of the program
  • 1,500 Japanese Yuen will be given to participants per day which may be subject to change

A brief summary of the six weeks program 

  • Result will be announced in the first week of march 2022
  • From March to May: Arrangement for Travel commences
  • The Internship in Japan commences in June 16 – July 27:
  • First week of August will be for Submission of Assignments.

Field of study

  • Advanced Energy.
  • Biology.
  • Chemistry.
  • Environmental Studies.
  • Genetics and Related Fields in Life Sciences.
  • Information Technology.
  • International Studies.
  • Materials Sciences.
  • Ocean Science.
  • Physics and Sustainability.
  • Science Studies.

Eligibility for selection for the NIG internship program 2022?

  • Applicants  from all over the world are eligible to apply for the internship program
  • The program is designed to accommodate both Undergraduates & Post Graduates candidates.
  • Students in their 300level in a 4year undergraduate degree program can apply
  • Candidates in their 200level of a 3 years undergraduate degree program can also apply
  • Applicants in 400level of a 5year degree program are eligible to apply
  • Masters degree candidates who are currently in first year of a two years masters degree program can apply

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Documents Required NIG Summer Internships 2022 in Japan:

  • Given below documents are required while applying for Japan Internship Program for International Students:
  • Documents needed to apply for Internship in Japan?
  • Curriculum vitae (CV)
  • Letter of Motivation or personal statement (see sample)
  • Academic Transcripts
  • Recommendation letters (two). these letter should written by the candidates lecturers or professors

How to apply for the NIG summer internship program 2022 in Japan?

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  • Mode of application is online via NIG online application form.
  • Applicants are to create an account before proceeding to apply
  • Candidates are advised to check the eligibility criteria and required documents before applying
  • All the required documents must be uploaded in other to be considered for the program

Application deadline

The application deadline for NIG Summer Internships 2022 in Japan is January  7, 2022.


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